What to do in your free time at home

Posted on Aug 7, 2022      41

What can be done in your spare time at home?

Modern man so rarely has free time that when he does have it, he simply does not know what to do with it. As a result, instead of doing something useful, we lie in bed all day 

To prevent this from happening, we offer you 10 ideas that will tell you how to intelligently and profitably spend your free time when there seems to be nothing to do.

Put your house in order

If your apartment is always in order, it means that either no one lives there, or you are a “cleaning” maniac, who devotes all his time to cleaning.

And now seriously: in every home you will definitely find a few dusty shelves, a dirty window, scattered things. So if you suddenly have an extra hour of time, spend it on making your apartment clean and beautiful. Remember that order in the house is order in the head.

Take care of yourself

This point is mostly written for girls. Remember when I was the last time you had a pedicure, used hair and face masks, lay in the bath with fragrant oils? Can’t remember? Then it’s time to devote your free time to self-care.

You can go beyond just one thing and organize a whole spa with a variety of grooming procedures. Do not forget that in the first place you - a girl, and then the mother, the boss, housekeeper, etc.. And, therefore, and look you should always be impeccable!

Get some exercise

I’m not talking about the gym, but the most basic exercises that you can do at home, when you have a free minute. Do some squats, stand on the bar, jump on a rope, go for a run after all.

Believe me, the Internet will throw you a lot of easy fitness programs, of which you can choose the one that you like.

Think of the books.

Can’t bring yourself to get off the couch? Or just decide to lie in bed all day? That’s your right, but make it worthwhile. Put away your phone for a few hours and pick up a book.

Better than now, when there’s nothing to do, to pick your brain? Or rather, to read. If you think that such a pastime is boring, devote only 10 minutes to a book. Believe me, during this time, you’ll be so involved in the story that you won’t notice how the day flies by.

Make a to-do list

The “I remember everything anyway” excuse won’t work here. Even if you’re scrolling in your head a hundred times, what you have to do today, you will still forget about some little thing. So feet in the hands, or rather, a pen and a notebook in your hands - and go ahead.

When you compile a to-do list, you won’t have any “extra” time. 24 hours in a day will seem to be not enough. But your productivity will be several levels higher.

Make a list of goals

I want to sign up for German, French courses; I want to go to Turkey; I want to learn how to cook borscht. All this and many other items - a goal to strive for. Do not swim in an unknown direction, guided by the phrase "Let it be".

As long as you do not understand what you want, your life will remain gray and boring. So as soon as you have an extra half hour, devote it to making a list of goals, both easy and distant. It’s this piece of paper that will motivate you to do new things, so hurry and prioritize.

Go shopping.

The holes in your jeans no longer look trendy, and the handles on your purse have outlived their usefulness? Then grab the hand of your best friend  and go shopping! The excuse “I don’t have any money” won’t work.

If there really aren’t many savings in the piggy bank, then try to buy the minimum: a belt, earrings, bright shoelaces - what is not shopping for a mood boost?

Make some money

In every apartment, will find things that just lie idle: an old guitar, a little dress, soft toys.

For them to benefit someone else, take their photos and post an ad at a flea market for a nominal price or a candy bar. So you can kill two birds with one stone: and the house from the trash to free, and money for jeans and bags from the previous item.

Check out the classics.

Even if you’re not a fan of classical music, listen to at least a few popular pieces. They develop good taste and increase your cultural level.

And doctors say that such songs also have a positive effect on health. Not for nothing that pediatricians advise pregnant women to include classical music for future babies.

Do nothing.

This point is a little contradictory to our entire article, but we will explain what the is all about. Psychologists recommend putting things off from time to time and just doing nothing. This kind of time-out will solve many problems, namely it will allow you to feel refreshed, rested, and alive.

Modern people are so preoccupied with a useful pastime that they forget to enjoy life. So, to free yourself from silly thoughts and finally breathe a full breath, devote a day or at least a few hours to doing nothing. But do not get carried away! Dirty dishes and a trip to the store won’t wait long.

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