What to replace sweets with: a tasty and healthy diet

Posted on Aug 3, 2022      132

What you can do to replace sweets

In the transition to a healthy diet, the hardest thing is to give up sweets. The daily sweets delight us and bring untold pleasure. In order that the planned diet is really beneficial to the body, but not the torture without the desired treats, you can replace the latter with healthy products.

Alternatives are no less tasty than foods with added sugar. Such sweeteners also have a beneficial effect on the body. So, what to replace sweets with?


The most famous sugar substitute is honey. Such a product in the diet will not only allow you to maintain a diet regime but also bring many benefits to the body. Honey improves digestion, gives the body a general tone, helps to preserve youth, and has a positive effect on a person’s sleep.

It can be added to food when cooking, sweeten tea or coffee with it, used in food instead of a sweet dessert. But remember that honey should not be poured over boiling water and heated to a high temperature, or it loses all its healing properties.

Besides the fact that honey is the most common substitute for sugar, it also leads in the list of allergens. If there is an individual intolerance to this product, it is better to consume alternatives to sweets.

Fruits and berries

Fresh fruits and berries contain natural fructose, which can satisfy the need for sweetness without harming the body. The variety of fruits, especially in the spring and summer, allows you to choose such an alternative to sweets for your taste.

The most useful in replacing sweets are such fruits and berries as: blueberries, pineapple, cherries, apples, watermelon, banana, orange, kiwi, avocado, and strawberries. In winter, there is not such a brilliant choice, so you can eat dried fruit. In terms of properties and the content of useful elements, they are not inferior to fresh ones. For satiety and satisfying the feeling of hunger, they need much less than fresh ones.

The only disadvantage of dried fruits is their high caloric content compared to fresh fruit.

Besides dried fruits, there are other effective ways to provide yourself with such a useful source of sweetness in the winter. From sweet fruits and berries you can cook jam or jam without sugar.Such preservation is stored for a long time and will help maintain a healthy lifestyle of the year. Another stocking option is to freeze fruits in their pure form.


This product is a natural sweetener derived from stevia leaves, which are native to Asia and South America. Stevia is often used in place of sweets for diabetics, but it is also great for people without the disease.

Stevia should be avoided by people who take medications to lower blood sugar levels.

How much stevia should be eaten

It should be consumed in permissible doses - only 4mg per 1 kg of body weight per day. Stevia is 200 times sweeter than sugar, so it needs very little to get the usual sweetness of food. It has absolutely no calories.

Where to buy?

You can buy stevia in pharmacies, supermarkets in the department for diabetics, any other large or specialized stores. There are several forms of its release: tablets, powder, in liquid form or even as dried leaves.

Depending on the manufacturer, stevia may be purified or not. Its properties do not change from this, except for the aftertaste: an untreated product will have a herbal flavor.

It is important before buying to read the composition and not to buy a product with additives, especially as maltodextrin, which is very similar to sugar.

Bitter Chocolate

If it is very difficult to deny yourself a sweet, especially a product such as chocolate, then not to break a healthy diet will help its bitter representative. True bitter chocolate is a product with a cocoa content of at least 70%. The ideal is 99 percent chocolate.

Such a sweet substitute has several useful properties: it improves the cerebral blood flow, ensures the production of the hormone of happiness - endorphin, raises the overall tone of the body.

How much?

Like any other product, dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation, otherwise it will not bring the stated benefits. The permissible norm of its consumption per day is from 25 to 30 grams.


The most useful version of this oriental sweet is exactly the homemade marshmallow. Its composition includes whipped whites, mashed baked apples and sugar.

When cooking such a treat at home, you can adjust the sweetness yourself: replace the sugar with mashed very sweet apples or add a natural sweetener - stevia.

In the store version, sugar is added, but even with its content, marshmallow is the most low-calorie confectionery product. Therefore, it is safe to include in your diet or regime of healthy eating.

To sum up

There are enough sweets that are not as harmful as sugary products. Finding a suitable option with such a variety will not be difficult.

The main thing to remember is that all is well in moderation, and then any proposed product will not only benefit the body but also lift your spirits!