Where is the village of Silachi?

Posted on Aug 30, 2021      54

For many years, farming was the major source of livelihood for the villagers of Asola-Fatehpur Beri in northern India. But one day, the local men realized that hard labor in the fields was not the best way to make a living. Much better to build muscle and find work as a guard or bodyguard. The village soon was called “the bouncer factory”.

It all started with the fact that a local strongman Vijay approached the owner of the bar and offered him 10,000 Indian rupees (about $150) for the athlete to provide security during a wedding to be held in the bar. For the local, far from wealthy population, it was a fantastic wage. A few hours of duty in a drinking establishment could replace months of hard peasant labor.

Soon, most of the men in the village became real health enthusiasts, and the local gym could barely accommodate those who wanted to wrestle and “work out” with weights. After all, unprecedented prospects for “career” growth opened up before them: the nearby towns willingly hired physically powerful men as security guards. Looking at their fathers, the teenagers also reached for the gyms. A good security guard could earn up to $1,000 a month, while a farmer’s income rarely exceeded $100.

Alcohol and smoking enthusiasts are almost impossible to find in the village, but a new 3,000-square-meter gym has been built. But, even it is never empty, opening at 4 a.m. and closing at 10 p.m. The local youths say they have excellent prospects: if they are lucky, they may become champions in weightlifting or wrestling. And if you do not reach the heights of sport, the way to the guards is always open.

Vijay Tanwar, who set an example for his fellow countrymen, now works as a trainer. Besides weight training, he advises his trainees to stick to a special diet: drink at least three to four liters of milk a day, eat a dozen bananas, and eat yogurt regularly. On average, each athlete spends up to 10,000 Indian rupees a month on food. However, these expenses are worth it, as there is a great demand for security guards, and they get a good salary.

True, with age, it becomes more difficult to work as a security guard. That is why the men from the bouncer village try to save at least something from the money they earn for their old age. Some of them become trainers or open entertainment places themselves. Naturally, they take their countrymen as guards there.