Which kiss is called a French kiss and why?

Posted on Mar 21, 2022      306

We decided to tell you something interesting about kissing, and at the same time about French girls!

The question “How to kiss properly?” is worthy of some ten-year-old kid, not a life-savvy you.

And yet, sometimes somewhere in the periphery of consciousness, it still arises. So, just for general information, I wonder what is considered a perfect kiss. We hasten to make you both happy and disappointed. As with many things in sex, there is no single measure.

What one girl will seem to be the pinnacle of skill, the other will make strained spit in a conversation with friends.

But that’s not why we’re here! Finally, let’s move on to the information for professionals. So, what is the French kiss?

It’s simple: it’s the so-called “kiss with tongue,” during which not only your lips are touching but also your tongues. There are, of course, certain rules here, too. In short, less drooling and more attention to how you respond to a girl.

So why is this kind of kiss called a French kiss? And here we have a curious story. This phrase appears in English-language letters and publications from around the 1940s.

By the way, in France itself, “French kisses” are still not suspected (in the sense of this name). Well, except for those who have been in contact with the British or Americans.

It was the First World War! During the war, British and American soldiers visited France, and many of them experienced kissing local girls. The girls kissed right and left were not the most timid. And French love culture was much more courtly than stiff British or plain American love culture.

As a result, the soldiers brought home an amazing souvenir - passionate “penetrating kisses. Unsophisticated friends were told of them as “special French girl kisses,” which later became simply “French kissing” for brevity.

As a result, the French, unknowingly, became the “inventors” of a special kiss. Although, digging to the end, in France, such a kiss is called a Florentine kiss. There, the Italian girls are lecherous, on the contrary, and the local French girls are angels in the flesh.