Why are we getting fatter?

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The number of obese people is increasing in all the wealthy countries of the world. Processed foods are gaining in popularity, new technologies are making cooking easier, and the average person is getting heavier. There are a lot of weight loss methods, diets, gym training schedules, but we will try to understand what imperceptible, but very essential factors make us get fat.

Every year, the world’s population spends $579 billion on fast food. In the U.S. alone, the industry peaked in 2015, when about $200 billion was left in the relevant food establishments. By comparison, in 1970 this value was only 6 billion. And these numbers will only grow as fast food continues to increase in popularity. But the current pace of human life rarely leaves enough time to prepare a normal home-cooked meal, so we will put this factor out of brackets. Let’s look at other causes and habits that fill our bodies with pounds of fat no one wants.

Top 10 reasons we get fat

1. Amnesia eating.

We all do it sometimes - we come home tired, lie down on the couch and start watching our favorite show on TV. And that would be okay, but pretty soon we have a big bag of chips in our hands, which we discreetly empty. This is one of the main little-noticed factors that lead to obesity. This phenomenon has been observed all over the world, and it is, one might say, universal to a wide variety of countries and cultures. In the U.S., 7.5 billion dollars’ worth of potato chips of different varieties are sold each year, and it eats almost all of this volume in the evening in front of the television.

2. Sleep deprivation

At first glance, this factor should lead to weight loss - after all, when a person is awake, he burns more calories. The body, as they say, is turned on and consumes energy. However, sleep disorders can lead to bad eating habits. If you, not getting enough sleep, start falling asleep at work, the first thing you do is pour yourself a full mug of coffee, which usually comes with something sweet. If you are suffering from insomnia at home, you are likely to go to the refrigerator at least once. In addition, lack of sleep means fatigue and as a result, laziness, because of which you can refuse a trip to the gym, the pool, or from an evening jog.

3. Desserts.

Everyone knows you can get to the dessert only after the main dishes, but maybe it’s better to give up this part of lunch or dinner. Not for good, of course. Once in a while, you can afford a cake or a piece of cake, but eating them every time is a straight path to weight records. It does not contribute to slimness and the fact that the dessert plate in recent decades is steadily increasing in diameter, and you yourself, without realizing it, eat more than you want.

4. Going to the store on an empty stomach

It’s ancient wisdom - don’t go grocery shopping until you’ve eaten. Your eyes want more than your stomach needs. You’ve probably noticed that when you’re hungry, all the food on the shelves seems tastier and more desirable. So before you go shopping, snack on what you have at home or buy something edible on your way to the supermarket. You can even do an experiment - do your shopping first on an empty stomach, and after a while on a full one. Then compare the results. They will surprise you.

5. I am starving!

There are many conveniences in today’s world, and they often come as cheap and delicious fast food. Like any living creature, humans instinctively seek instant satiety. In the wild, calories are not scattered everywhere, and it takes a lot of work to get them. Therefore, the best survival strategy is to eat whatever is available, since there may not be any food afterwards. Today, however, man is no longer bound by this scarcity, and our innate impatience to satiate our stomachs only increases the size of our waistlines. The next time you get hungry, try to endure it. You won’t die of malnutrition until you get home and can satiate yourself with something obviously safer to eat.

6. It’s just a drink!

When was the last time you found out the caloric content of that cocktail you habitually order after a busy work week? Alcoholic beverages are the elephant in the room that few people notice when planning a particular diet. Many of them contain vast amounts of calories. A can of beer has 185 kcal, 50 grams of vodka has 121 kcal. That’s as much as one-third of a chocolate bar so by drinking three or four shots of vodka, you actually eat 100 grams of this sweet treat.

7. Lack of breakfast

This point doesn’t look very logical either, but by not eating breakfast, you risk getting noticeably bigger. This is because after sleeping, your body is hungry and needs calories. When you skip your morning meal, your stomach protests, demanding food. And during lunch, when you were planning to make do with a salad and fruit, meet its needs and eat much more dense. Do not conflict with him, it will not lead to anything good. Even a light breakfast will calm him down.

8. “Skimmed doesn’t mean low calorie.

Advertisers are very smart people; you will hardly find any fools among them. On average, they are much more cunning than the average consumer. It sells many products today as low-fat, but we ignore the number of calories they contain. Naturally, there are fewer of them than in fatty foods, but not so many that we can relax and stop counting them.

9. Condiments

These days, many restaurants offer customers many complimentary condiments. Sauces, ketchups, and mayonnaise are always in your refrigerator, too. No one takes them into account when planning meals, but the same ketchup has 20 calories per 20 grams, and mayonnaise has over 100 calories per the same mass. All attempts to lose weight can turn into a complete failure, if it addicts you two condiments and do not watch how many of them end up in the stomach.

10. Lack of Exercise

Here it is, the main “habit” that makes humanity fat. Did you expect anything else? All the above is not much of a threat to your waistline if you lead an active lifestyle, go to the gym, and do jogging. Roughly, don’t spend your life on the couch. Buy sneakers or a bicycle, sign up for a pool or aerobics class, work out more in the yard if you live in your own house - there are many ways to burn off unnecessary calories. Be slim and healthy!

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