Why is it raining?

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      124

Rain is the drops of water that fall out of the clouds. This natural phenomenon is quite common in autumn and spring, and summer and winter can not do without rain. Let’s find out how water is formed in the sky and why it rains?

why is it raining?

It covers most of our planet with water from oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. The sun can warm the surface of our entire earth. When the sun’s heat hits the water surface, some liquids become steam. It looks like barely visible droplets rising upwards. For example, everyone has seen a kettle boiling when it heats. When the kettle boils, the steam from the kettle goes out and goes up. Also, steam from the surface of the earth rises to the clouds under a blowing wind. Going higher, the steam gets high in the sky, where the temperature is about 0 degrees. Steam droplets gather in vast clouds, which under the influence of low temperatures form rain clouds. As the steam droplets become heavier because of low temperatures, they turn into rain.


Where does the rain go when it falls to the ground?

When it hits the surface of the earth, the rain droplets go into underground waters, seas, lakes, rivers and oceans. Then begins a new stage of transforming water from the surface into steam and forming new rain clouds. This phenomenon is called the water cycle in nature.

Is it possible to drink rainwater?

Rainwater may contain several harmful elements a person should not consume that. For drinking, people use clean water from lakes and rivers, which has been cleaned by passing through layers of land. Under the ground, water absorbs a lot of useful microelements that are useful for health.

How to make it rain at home?

To see how rain is made, you can have a little experience with a pot filled with water in the presence of adults. A pot with water should be placed on the fire and held with a lid. To keep the water cold, you can put a couple of ice cubes. During the heating process, the upper part of the water will slowly convert into steam, settling on the lid. Then the droplets of steam will begin to collect, and already large droplets will flow from the lid back into the pot with water. So it turned out to rain right at your home!

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