Why is the wind blowing?

Posted on Jan 12, 2021      175

Wind is a natural phenomenon as air moving on our land. Each of us can feel the wind blowing on our bodies, and can watch the wind move the branches of the trees. The wind can be very strong or very weak. Let’s find out where the wind comes from and why its strength depends.

Why is the wind blowing?

Please note that if you open the window in a warm room, the air from the street will go straight into the room. And all because they form the air movement when the temperature in the rooms is different. Cold air blocks the warm air, and vice versa. Therefore, the concept of “wind” arises. Our Sun heats the air envelope of the Earth, from which some sun’s rays reach the surface. In this way heats the entire earth’s space - the soil, seas and oceans, mountains and rocks. The land heats very quickly, while the water surface of the Earth remains cold. Thus, the warm air from the land rises, while the cold air from the seas and oceans takes its place.

Why does the wind force depend on it?

Wind power depends directly on temperature. The greater the temperature difference, the higher the airspeed and thus the wind power. The strength of the wind is determined by the speed of the wind. But the strength of the wind is also influenced by several factors:

  • Sharp changes in air temperature as cyclones or anticyclones;
  • Thunderstorms;
  • Terrain (the higher the terrain, the faster the wind speed);
  • The presence of seas or oceans that warm up much slower, causing temperature changes.

What kinds of winds are there?

As we have already found out, winds can blow with different forces. Each type of wind has its own name. Let’s look at the main ones:

Storm is one of the strongest types of wind. It is often accompanied by transferring sand, dust or snow. It can cause damage by shooting down trees, shields and traffic lights;

Hurricane: A type of storm that has the fastest speed;

Typhoon is the most destructive hurricane that can manifest itself in the Far East;

Breeze is the wind from the sea blowing on the coast;

The approaching hurricane.

One of the fastest natural phenomena is tornado.

Tornado is both a terrible and a beautiful sight.


As we have already found out, winds do not come out of nowhere, the reason for their occurrence is in different degrees of heating of the Earth’s surface in different regions.